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Experience true Chinese culture in the heart of Fortitude Valley. Why not explore Brisbane's Chinatown area on one of our exciting and educational guided tours?

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You will be introduced to the mysteries of the exotic East. Your expert tour guide will lead the group on a fascinating journey through Oriental art, food, medicine and fashion. They will explain the historical events that have shaped the culture of the Far East and you will gain a true understanding of the Chinese way of life.

Join the Brisbane Chinatown tour to experience the wonders and delights of the Orient without leaving Australia.

On the tour we will dazzle your senses – You will smell, taste, listen, touch and observe your way through a wide variety of different Chinese cultural activities.

We will take you on a fantastic journey through an aromatic herbal store where you will be given an opportunity to try numerous delicious Chinese teas. You will touch top-quality silks and learn how they are made. Then you will be allowed to handle exquisite jade artefacts. The intricate artwork on handcrafted Chinese fans will astonish you. You will be given a guided tour of a typical Asian grocery store with numerous hints and tips about the best ways to prepare your own delicious Chinese food. Top this off with a traditional Chinese breakfast or lunch (included in the price) and it’s easy to see why this is one of our most popular tours.


$30 per adult

$25 per child

$22 per student (only applies to school groups)

$25 per concession holder (only applies to retiree groups)

Please note:

*Minimum of ten people is required

*Price includes lunch, traditional Chinese tea ceremony and springroll making demonstration

Contact us on 0411763641 to arrange a tour.

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