Chinese Youth Affairs

Preparing our future leaders for the outside world is one of the essential tasks undertaken by the Australian Chinese General Chamber of Business

with young people enrolling into universities to become prepared for the real world, the Australian Chinese General Chamber of Business is gearing these youth for the future with leadership building experience, work opporunities, and crime prevention education.

ACGCB works is looking after the following youth member associations:

  1. UQ Chinese Student & Scholar Association
  2. QUT Chinese Student & Scholar Association
  3. QUT Singapore Student Association
  4. Griffith University Chinese Student & Scholar Association
  5. Griffith University Singapore Student Association
  6. Brisbane First Chinese Scout Group

Through ACGCB, we have established two radio programs with radio 4EBFM (98.1 FM) for Singapore student (Sunday 10-11) and Chinese student community (Thursday 11pm-1pm). These programs are essential with providing university students the opportunity to develop qualifications and work experience in the media industry.

The radio program also provide a source of financial income for the individual university assocaition through radio advertisements and sponsorships.

ACGCB also provide other essential services for our youth members in the crime prevention arena and assisting students to find employment through contacts we have developed in our trade and business department.