Vegan Chinese Cooking Class

Want to create exotic and healthy vegan cuisine?

Brisbane Chinatown is taking its vegan Chinese cooking class to the suburbs of Brisbane with head chef of Chinese Vegan Restaurant - Tea Master, who will take you step by step to recreate some of their signature dishes.

Vegan Magic Class (16th of July)- For those who are getting use to being a vegan and struggling, this class teaches you to convert tofu and other vegetable ingredients to taste like meat without hurting a soul.

- Vegan "Pork Chops" with Vegan Cheese

- Vegan Steamed "Fish"


Traditional Chinese Vegan Class (23rd of July) - For those who want the classic Chinese vegan recipes.

- Steamed Chinese Carrot Cake

- Steamed Oyster Mushroom with Black Bean


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Dates        Time              Location                                 Class Theme                   Teaching Restaurant

16 July       6pm-9pm    Centenary State High School    Vegan Magic                             Tea Master

23 July       6pm-9pm    Centenary State High School    Traditional Vegan                      Tea Master



$75.00 per person, per class (all cooking material and recipes are included). Student receive $10.00 off.

Reservation: or contact 0411763641

Terms and Conditions

1) Individuals must make payment before they are registered as a participant. Refund to partipant/s will only be made where a minimum of one week's notice of redrawal from the course is given. 2) Participants will be working in a group of two people to reproduce the dishes. 3) Organisers are not responsible for participant's property loss or damages. 4) Organisers are not responsible if the participant becomes sick, ill, death or/and any harm and injury caused during or after the cooking class, including third parties. (after all, it is the participant who is preparing, cooking and eating their own food). 5) Participants must clean and wash any cooking equipment, including bench top during or after their cooking before they can leave. Failure to wash any cooking equipment including bench top could result in a cleaning bill of $25.00 per participant. 6) Any damage or loss of cooking equipment by the participant will be billed for replacement. 7) Participant is deemed to have read, accept and will abide by the terms and condition of the above when registering and participating in the cooking course

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