Regional Affairs

Regional Queensland is the backbone of the state's economy, providing vast wealth of minerals and agricultural goods for export to China.

Beyond the economic importance of the regional areas, there are also small population of Chinese communities that require political representation, community advise and financial support. The Australian Chinese General Chamber of Business has two regional Chinese associations covering the two regional areas of the state (Northern and Central Queensland).

ACGCB has appointed two local regional ambassadors to each of the three parts of the state, in order to better represent the regional communities and provide accurate and independent feedback. The Australian Chinese General Chamber of Business have donated Chinese language textbooks, assisted with restoring and preserving historical artifacts, and community infrastructure building throughout regional Queensland.

Regional Members
Cairns & District Chinese Association

Rockhampton Chinese Association


Department Chair:                      Chiu-Hing Chan;

Northern QLD Ambassador:      Lai Chu Chan
Central QLD Ambassador:         Dorothy Khoo